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OXO Technologies Holding among the BSE Legends again this year

OXO Team 2024.02.29.

The Budapest Stock Exchange has organized the BSE Legends 2023 awards gala again this year, which recognizes outstanding players and service providers on the domestic capital market. At the event, OXO Technologies Holding Plc was awarded the “BSE Xtend Special Prize”.

OXO Technologies Holding Plc won the “BSE Xtend Special Award”, which was received on Thursday 29 February at the BSE Legends 2023 Gala. This year, at one of the most prestigious events in the world of finance and capital markets, the most outstanding figures in the industry were honored in 25 categories. As in previous years, the winners were selected by a professional jury made up of members of the Exchange’s Advisory Board. The award was received by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, Dr. Péter Oszkó.

The securities of OXO Technologies Holding Plc. have been available to investors on BSE’s Xtend market since September 2021, making it the first company to be listed on the Hungarian public market with a full portfolio of innovative technology companies. In recent years, the company has worked to ensure that the international growth potential of domestic and regional innovations is reflected in an increasingly broad and successful portfolio of shares. To this purpose, the company has switched to a euro-based operation from 2023 and, continuing its profitable management already in 2022, has reported further profit growth in the first half of 2023.

As a result, while the capital increase of OXO Technologies Holding during its Xtend market entry alone exceeded HUF 1,2 billion and institutional investors participated in both that and subsequent capital raising rounds, the Company has now increased the net asset value of its portfolio in current value terms to over HUF 6 billion. This represents a near doubling of the equity capital at the time of listing in 2021, with a stable profitable operation today.

The award is a confirmation of OXO Technologies Holding’s pioneering efforts. The Group will continue to be active in helping the market and plans to launch a standard market listing by the end of this year and a dual listing on another European stock exchange in the coming years.